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While the story of Jewish life in America is emblematic of the American immigrant story, it is also a unique story of ongoing discrimination and stereotyping coupled with some of the most remarkable accomplishments in American history, the arts, commerce, science and academia. And the Jewish story in St. Louis is a unique chapter in the overall history of Jews in America.

Channel 9 recently broadcast a one-hour documentary exploring the rich, 200-year history of Jewish people in St. Louis titled: St. Louis Stories: The Jewish Americans. Tracing the history of the St. Louis Jewish community from the arrival of the first settlers to the present day, the film includes archival material, interviews and current-day footage.

To complement the documentary, KETC has launched a community engagement project to tell current and historical stories about the Jewish community in St. Louis.

Share Your Story with the Community

Do you have a story about the Jewish experience in St. Louis? As part of the St. Louis Stories: The Jewish Americans, we want you to share your story with us and the community. You can submit your story in the comment box right below here. If you have a photo you’d like to share let us know and we’ll get it added as well. To read the stories others have shared, click Explore Stories, and thank you for sharing your story with the community.


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  1. I was impressed with 99% of your broadcast on the Jewish Americans in St. Louis. However, there is an error in the story (you mentioned “the oldest Temple west of the Mississippi”) and another important part of the story is actually just 2 hours west of St. Louis in Jefferson City. That is the home of Temple Beth El, the oldest synagogue west of the Mississippi in continuous use in the same location. We have been at 318 Monroe St. in Downtown Jefferson City since 1883 when a group of local Jewish businessowners and their wives decided to start a temple. Please vist the website that I have listed above for lots more info. We have services every Friday, and despite having a small Jewish commumity and lay-led services, we are celebrating out 125th Anniversary this year, starting with a Community Open House that was well-received my residents and even the churches in town. If there are any questions or you’d like to profile us, feel free to contact myself or another member listed on the webpage. Thanks again for the excellent program!

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